Last updated: 8 Dec 2014

Welcome to the ICE pages

Here you will find all you need to know about GP ordercomms (ICE).

How to Use ICE

Benefits to surgery and patients

  • Track progress of specimen from request to report
  • Elimination of transcription errors by laboratory
  • GP can look up results of tests conducted in hospital (ward, outpatients or A&E) - reducing need for rebleeding patients
  • Ecofriendly - Reduction in paper use and confidential waste

How to Use ICE

Getting Set Up - Register of Interests form Vision EMIS
New User - request for password  

Training Documents

Making A Request Vision Emis LV Emis Web
Collecting Phlebotomy Specimen Vision Emis LV Emis Web
Reprinting a label All systems    
Viewing Reports Vision Emis LV Emis Web
User Guide Vision Emis LV Emis Web
Editing and deleting a request Vision Emis LV Emis Web

Frequently Asked Questions: Click here