Cellular Pathology

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Cellular Pathology (last  updated 7 Jan 2013)

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Cellular Pathology is the science of cells, tissues and organs to detect abnormalities.  The department is split into four specialist areas: Histology, Cytology, Molecular Pathology and Immunology.

Histology is the study of organs and biopsies of organs and tissue to investigate abnormalities such as cancer.  They also advise the doctors treating the patient about the effectiveness of a particular route of treatment.

Cytology is the study of cells for the detection of abnormalities to diagnose diseases including cancer. The department provides diagnostic and screening cytology services throughout the Trust and to General Practitioners in Kent, as well as some East Sussex and Surrey Primary Care Trusts.

Cervical cytology is a screening service; other samples are sent for diagnostic examination.

The Consultants offer clinical advice and access to broader clinical consideration through Departmental Meetings and Multidisciplinary meetings

Molecular Pathology is a new science that has been developed to study disease at a molecular level.  It is this speciality that tests patients with breast cancer and gastric cancer to see if they will respond to Herceptin treatment.