Contact the Cellular Pathology laboratory

We cannot give results directly to patients. Test results are returned to the GP or consultant who requested the test. Please contact your doctor who will be able to discuss your results with you.

Results from cervical screening will be sent back to you directly via the Primary Care Trust.

Useful Links

Labtestsonline - a public site that explains Pathology tests for patients

NHS Direct - a public site that provides information and advice about health, illness and health services.

Cellular Pathology

Cellular Pathology is the science of cells, tissues and organs to detect abnormalities.  The department is split into four specialist areas: Histology, Cytology, Molecular Pathology and Immunology.

Histology is the study of organs and biopsies of organs and tissue to investigate abnormalities such as cancer.  They also advise the doctors treating the patient about the effectiveness of a particular route of treatment.

Cytology looks at individual cells and clusters of cells to diagnose diseases including cancer.  The Cytology department provides cervical screening.

Molecular Pathology is a new science that has been developed to study disease at a molecular level.  It is this speciality that tests patients with breast cancer to see if they will respond to Herceptin treatment.

Immunology is the science of studying blood to find diseases affecting the body’s immune system.