Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders and diseases arising from the nervous system. Doctors with expertise in neurology are called Neurologists.

Our team consists of Consultant Neurologists (who are linked to King’s College Hospital) and Nurse Specialists.

Most patients are seen in the outpatient clinic by a Consultant Neurologist. Patients requiring inpatient specialist investigations and treatment are admitted to the regional neuroscience centre at King’s College Hospital in London.

We require a referral letter from your GP in order to arrange an outpatient appointment.

The team at Maidstone Hospital are:

Consultant Neurologists (and subspecialist interest):

  • Dr Robert Hadden (Peripheral Nerve)

  • Dr Naheed Khan (Parkinson's disease, other movement disorders and botulinum toxin service)

  • Dr Johnathan Chan (Cognitive Neurology)

Nurse Specialists

  • Multiple sclerosis nurse specialist:  Geraldine Brand
  • Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist:  Sue Jacobs

The team at Tunbridge Wells Hospital are:

Consultant Neurologists:

  • Dr Catherine Lloyd (clinical lead) 
  • Dr Gerry Saldanha

Nurse Specialists

  • Multiple sclerosis nurse specialist:  Catriona Mason
  • Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist:  Sue Kerkin

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